Cleveland Art, November 2009

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Published: November 1, 2009

Articles in this issue: Remembrance of Things Pa: An exhibition of photographic images from Gauguin’s era, a Spanish sculpture from the age of Queen Isabella the Catholic, Acquisition Highlights, Thanks to Donors 2009, Programs

magazine cover with black and white photo of old  french village, courtyard with painters and a wheelbarrow

Remembrance of Things Past

Tom E. Hinson Curator of Photography

Selected mainly from the museum collection, France at the Dawn of Photography features 55 images created primarily during the 1850s into the 1870s, a period of innovation that roughly coincides with the Second Empire (1852–1870). The show complements the major exh...

Acquisition Highlights 2009

The museum acquired a number of significant works of art at its September meeting. The three pieces described here are among the most noteworthy.

A commanding 15th-century marble relief by Mino da Fiesole depicts Julius Caesar in profile, carved with a Latin abbreviation of his name. Caesar appears w...

Up Against the Wall

Caroline Goeser Associate Director for Interpretation

One hundred and twenty years after Paul Gauguin and his comrades staged an independent exhibition in Monsieur Volpini’s Café des Arts on the grounds of the Paris World’s Fair in 1889, Cleveland Institute of Art students install their work on the w...