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In a New Light

Tiffany in Bloom gallery view

CMA Thinker blog

In a New Light: Exploring the Design of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Stained Glass Lamps
Madeline Armitage Digital Project Manager



Liu Wei

CMA Thinker blog
Beijing to Cleveland: Liu Wei Reveals Invisible Cities to Us

Yi Cao Curatorial assistant, moCa Cleveland 



CMA Thinker blog
Parchment, Paper, Palm: Joint CMA & CWRU Program Explores the CMA’s Global Medieval Manuscripts
Part 1
Part 2


student guide

CMA Thinker blog
Close-Looking With the CMA’s Student Guide Program: Get to Know Jeanna Lopez
Key Jo Lee Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
Jeanna Lopez and Hannah Boylan CMA Student Guides



drawing workshop
CMA Thinker Blog

Drawing on Inspiration: Teaching Artist Adrian Eisenhower Discusses the CMA’s Michelangelo Pop-up Drawing Lounge

Jennifer DePrizio
Director of Interpretation


ArtLens studio


ArtLens Gallery