July/August 2009

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Published: July 1, 2009

Was Sherman Lee Ever Wrong?

Amy Sparks Assistant Editor, Publications

Imagine a crowded marketplace awash in color and sound, reeking of spices, reeling with people, glinting with new wares. On a small side street on the opposite side of the city is a shop full of antiquities and art considered unpopular at the time. This is wh...

Clara Rankin

Sue Schieman Assistant Director of Public Affairs

It seemed fitting that, as museum life trustee Clara Rankin reminisced recently about Sherman Lee, four blooming cherry trees were visible through her living room windows. In Asian cultures cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune—and in Clara’s op...

Lee's Other Legacy

C. Griffith Mann Chief Curator

In 1957, the transformative gift of a longtime Cleveland trustee, Leonard C. Hanna Jr., created a giant of an acquisitions fund totaling more than $33 million. But it was the accession of Sherman E. Lee as director that gave the infant giant a brain to match its strengt...

Gauguin's Volpini Suite

For many artists, a particular event or body of work signals an “arrival on the scene.” For Paul Gauguin, that event was a café exhibition staged in conjunction with (but not in cooperation with) the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1889, and the seminal group of works was the Volpini Suite, a striki...

Say Cheese


Tom Hinson Curator of Photography

Ever since photography’s introduction in America in 1840, portraiture has captured the interest of photographers and the rapt attention of viewers. Photography made likenesses of family and friends readily available, and portraits quickly found wide distribution in...