March 2009

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Published: March 1, 2009

Festival of Friedlander

Tom E. Hinson Curator of Photography

Friedlander, the retrospective exhibition that opened on March 1, is the most comprehensive survey to date of one of the finest and most prolific practitioners in the history of photography. Lee Friedlander’s remarkable five-decade career, which continues unabated...

Finding Franzoni

Jon L. Seydl Vignos Curator of European Painting and Sculpture

When a curator finds something interesting at an auction house, it’s usually because a specialist gives us advance notice in the form of digital images or old-fashioned transparencies. Or, if no one at the auction house knows the curator’...

Iron Age Cleveland

Gregory M. Donley Photographs by Philip Brutz

One of the interesting challenges involved in restoring the 1916 building was that the original architects, Hubbell & Benes, had worked in a Cleveland that was well populated with skilled craftspeople who had trained in the “old country” before immigratin...