May/June 2008

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Published: May 1, 2008

A Room of One's Own

Laurence Channing Head of Publications

When the 1916 building reopens in June the clarity of its original conception will be restored, except for one room whose conception never was clear. The soaring vaulted space with Romanesque columns that we know as the Interior Garden Court has become a gallery...

Disappearing Act

Amy Bracken Sparks Assistant Editor, Publications

Most of us want our work to be noticed. We want to create something that didn’t already exist: a product, a report, a change in the landscape, an event. Not so with fine art conservators. They do not want their work to be obvious. 

“If you do it right,...

Light Matters

George Sexton Lighting Designer, George Sexton Associates

Hubbell & Benes, the architects of the museum’s original 1916 building, brought a sophisticated understanding of how to make the most of daylight in a large public space, and the gracious atmosphere of the building embodies that expertise. Dur...