May/June 2009

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Published: May 1, 2009

Contemporary Context

Amy Sparks Assistant Editor, Publications

Paola Morsiani is a blur as she moves from space to space in the CMA’s expansive new contemporary galleries. Curator of contemporary art, Morsiani carries her office with her—laptop, Blackberry, rolling luggage—and sets up shop on a table in what is loosely c...

Drawing on the Wall

The new contemporary galleries not only show works that have been in the museum collection for many years to better advantage than was ever possible in the old spaces, they also offer opportunities to highlight brand-new acquisitions. One such piece is Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #4, created in 1969 a...

The New Museum


Gregory M. Donley Magazine Staff

When the main floor of the museum’s historic 1916 building reopened last summer, visitors experienced galleries that had been renovated to their original grandeur, with a sense of light and space that restored the vision of the architects Hubbell & Benes. This June,...