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For the official launch of Open Access on January 23, 2019, MCPC sponsored the on-site, livestreamed event held at CMA. This event included remarks from William Griswold, Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ryan Merkley, CEO of Creative Commons, and Jane Alexander, Chief Digitial Information Officer at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

“The Cleveland Museum of Art is a global icon with many masterpieces and treasures in its public galleries.  What has been mostly unsung until now is the international role and respect it - and Jane Alexander - has garnered as a pacesetter in using technology to disseminate its art beyond its own walls. As an organization that understands the power of technology to better the human condition, MCPc is proud to support CMA’s digital innovation and initiatives.” 

-Peter Anagnostos, VP, Marketing Communications and Community Outreach, MCPc

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Open Access launch event sponsored by MCPC: