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Art Explorer, powered by Cognitive Search enriches information from the Cleveland Museum of Art collection. It uses a variety of AI algorithms to enrich the metadata for the artworks, making it easier to explore and find the pieces of art that you may be interested in. For instance, it uses computer vision algorithms to identify objects in the image of the artwork and Bing’s understanding of the worlds to add biographies to the artists’ information. Art Explorer is an application of knowledge mining that allows us to increase engagement with our historical legacy.

"One of our core values at Microsoft is to make the world more accessible, which is why we wanted to make it possible for more people to see and explore art. We are excited to be part of this milestone for public access to the art and humanities. Thanks to the new AI capabilities within Azure Search, the public can explore and understand CMA’s outstanding collection better than ever before." 

- Kate D'Orazio, Product Marketing Manager, AI Platform, Microsoft