Open Access Launch Partnerships

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) announced on January 23, 2019, that it is an Open Access institution, using the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) designation to make available  for  unrestricted  use  more than 30,000 high-resolution images and information (metadata) related to more than 61,000 collection objects. Visit the Open Access homepage for details and resources.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is significantly joined in this  initiative  by regional, national and international content partners. The CMA's open access initiative is  supported too by sponsors whose  critical  philanthropy and technology have greatly contributed in bringing these resources to the public to create transformative experiences through art "for the benefit of all the people forever."

The Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access content partners and sponsors include  art world, academic, commercial, community, and technology organizations. The CMA treats these partnerships as a critical component of Open Access. Partnerships  build community, provide demonstrable examples of the benefits of open access broadly and magnify impact and reach beyond the CMA’s own platforms.  Partnerships place the CMA's Open Access content directly in the hands of users who can create, remix and share their engagement with the collection and associated information. The  Cleveland  Museum of Art is grateful to its content partners  and  sponsors in this initiative. The CMA appreciates and recognizes the  vital contributions to not only expanding  access  to, but inspiring use of its high quality, encyclopedic collections.  

Content Partners

Creative Commons 

Microsoft Corporation 



Internet  Archive 

American Greetings 

Case Western Reserve University, Interactive Commons

Case Western Reserve University, Kelvin Smith Library and Art History Department

Europeana  Foundation  






Blue Bridge  Networks 


Balboa Park Online Collaborative 

Open Access Launch Event is Sponsored by MCPc






Thank you to our Additional Sponsors:
Kevin and Tracy Goodman