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In support of CMA's Open Access initiative, Pandata built an interactive visualization that explores the way CMA writes about art in the collection. Given a description of over 10,000 artworks, Pandata used an algorithm to arrange each such that artworks that have the most in common are closer. The colors represent the various cultures. Interacting with the points reveals a thumbnail of the artwork, which can be clicked to learn more. This visual is a novel way to learn about art and will inspire visitors to engage with the collection in a meaningful way. 

“Pandata’s mission is to educate and innovate with data. Inspired by the digital experience of ArtLens, we wanted to find a way to put even more of the museum’s collection at the fingertips of the world. We used artificial intelligence to create a visual map of how CMA’s pieces relate to each other across cultures. Not only does this showcase how data can be beautiful, but it will provide a novel way for the public to explore and learn about CMA’s collection.” 

-Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO, Pandata.

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