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The Death of Dido

The Death of Dido

(Italian, 1610–1662)
(Flemish, 1679)
Overall: 414 x 466.5 cm (163 x 183 11/16 in.)

Did You Know?

Depicting the tragic love story of Dido and Aeneas, this tapestry is one of eight gifted to the museum for display in the armor court.


Driven by despair, and to her sister's dismay, Dido throws herself onto a pyre of Aeneas's bed and clothes and pierces herself with his sword. Moved by pity, Jupiter's wife, Juno, sends Iris from heaven to cut a lock of Dido's hair and sacrifice it to the underworld so that Dido may die. Aeneas's fleet sails away in the distance.
  • before 1695-1899
    Barberini Family, Rome, Italy
    Charles M. Ffoulke (1849-1909), Washington, D.C.
    1909-before 1915
    Mitchell Samuels of French & Company (1880-1959), New York, NY, sold to Mrs. Francis F. Prentiss
    before 1915-1915
    Mrs. Francis F. Prentiss (1865-1944), Cleveland, OH, gifted to the Cleveland Museum of Art
    The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
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  • Tapestry restoration 1. Gaspard De Wit/Koninklijke Manufactuur van Wandtapijten n.v (August 19, 1997-August 11, 1998).
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