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Embroidered Stola

Embroidered Stola

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A beautiful design emanates from a vase in the center, displaying symmetrical flora that extend across embroidered gold braids into graceful curvilinear cartouches, reflecting contemporary architectural decoration. Also in the center, sheaves of wheat and grapes represent the bread and wine of the Mass. Gold sequins within thread-outlined squares illustrate fine quality workmanship. The decoration of the stole and chalice veil is similar to the chasuble, also on moiré (watered) silk fabric. The stole, an insignia of the office of deacons and priests, is worn under a chasuble, and the chalice veil—bearing the monogram of Jesus Christ, IHS, in the center—covers the chalice and paten (the plate holding the Eucharistic bread).
  • Opulent Fashion in the Church. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH (organizer) (September 19, 2016-October 2, 2017).
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