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Female Figurine

Female Figurine

330–200 BCE
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Did You Know?

This woman’s rolled hairstyle is now called a “melon coiffure.”


This figurine depicts an elegantly draped young woman wearing a cloak or himation over a dress called a chiton. The contrast between her sharp elbow and flowing skirts illustrates an interest in the stretch and fold of different fabrics. Originally brilliantly painted, this figurine still has traces of color such as the red hair and the white on her face. The site of Tanagra in central Greece is known for its abundance of terracotta figurines like this one made by mixing and matching different molds.
  • ?-1926
    L. Ciani, Paris, France, sold to Brummer Gallery
    Brummer Gallery, New York, NY, sold to the Cleveland Museum of Art
    The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
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