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Antiphonary: Decorated Initials

Antiphonary: Decorated Initials

c. 1470–80
Codex: 55.9 x 43.2 x 10.2 cm (22 x 17 x 4 in.)
Location: not on view


The initial A with the resurrected Christ, shown here, was painted by an immediate follower of Girolamo da Cremona, who was likely working in Siena using the master's designs. Girolamo was intermittently active until 1474 in Siena, where he decorated choir books for the cathedral in collaboration with other North Italian illuminators. Antiphonaries like this one were usually made in several volumes for use by a clerical congregation. They were applied to the singing of the Daily Office, the cycle of daily devotions throughout the year. The chant introduced by this initial reads: Angelus Domini descendit de celo... (An angel of the Lord descended...). It is the First Matins Response for Easter.
  • Rev. Dr. Nevin, Rome
    Right Rev. Wm. A. Leonard
    Rev. Dr. Nevin, Rome; Right Rev. Wm. A. Leonard (1899)
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