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Knife-sheath tip (sika boha)

Knife-sheath tip (sika boha)



Gold sheaths covered the cast iron blade of a king’s ceremonial knife (sikay), wrapping them with symbolism. In Akan states like the Asante Kingdom, gold embodies life force (kra) and is the sun’s earthly counterpart. Only goldsmiths’ guild members could make gold ornaments for the royals and their entourage, or for the royal treasury. Here, the goldsmith used a tool to push the raised floral, leaf, and geometric designs from the back of a soft sheet of gold (repoussé technique). Small dots outlining some motifs were punched into the metal. Similarly decorated gold sheets and solid ornaments capped a knife’s handle.
  • ?–1896
    Treasury of asantehene (King) Agyeman Prempeh I, Kumasi, Ghana
    (Charles Ratton Gallery, Paris, France via Pierre Matisse, sold to the Cleveland Museum of Art)
    The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
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