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Mirror with Lotus and Mantra

Mirror with Lotus and Mantra

Diameter: 22.3 cm (8 3/4 in.); Overall: 1.5 cm (9/16 in.); Rim: 0.7 cm (1/4 in.)

Did You Know?

A mantra, or meditative statement, is embedded in the petals of the lotus flower on the mirror's back.


This mirror features intricate Buddhist designs. Around the central knob are four leaves, a ring of tiny beads, and then a circle made up of small lotus flower designs. Outside of that are eight big petal shapes, inside each is a Sanskrit letter. The mirror has the phrase "In the name of Om mani padme hum" written in a slightly incorrect form of Sanskrit, possibly because the Chinese mirror maker was not familiar with the language.
  • ?-1999
    Thomas and Martha Carter, Madison, WI, given to the Cleveland Museum of Art
    The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
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