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Sleeping Christ Child

Sleeping Christ Child

c. 1675
(Italian, 1630–1702)
63 x 102 x 42 cm (24 13/16 x 40 3/16 x 16 9/16 in.)

Did You Know?

Tender images of the Christ child sleeping encouraged devout Christians to meditate on Christ’s humanity.


Christ—no longer an infant, but a young child—sprawls on a bed of straw, his head thrown back in slumber and his right arm dangling. The simple radiance framing his head indicates his divinity. Representations of the sleeping Christ child were enduringly popular, not only because of the subject’s inherent charm, but sleep, as a metaphor for death, encouraged pious Christians to meditate on Christ’s humanity and his eventual suffering and death. Filippo Parodi’s Sleeping Christ Child beguiles with lifelike detail. Parodi used varying degrees of polish to differentiate surface textures: Christ’s body is burnished to a soft gleam, while his hair and the straw are more roughly carved, absorbing rather than reflecting the light. Parodi exploited the sensuous and tactile possibilities of the marble to enhance the emotional impact of his piece, a tactic learned from the master of Italian Baroque sculpture, Gianlorenzo Bernini.
  • c. 1675
    Likely commissioned by Giovanni Luca Durazzo [1628–1679] around 1675, for the Palazzo Balbi Durazzo (now Palazzo Reale), Genoa
    by 1769
    By descent to his grandson, Marcello Durazzo [1710–1791], Palazzo Balbi Durazzo, Genoa
    by 1837
    Marquis Gerolamo Serra [1761–1837], Genoa
    Purchased by Vicomte Hippolyte Vilain XIIII, December 25, 1844, for 800 “Lira di Francia”
    Dec., 1844
    Charles Hippolyte Vilain XIIII [1796–1873]
    Private collection, Belgium, and by descent
    Artcurial, Paris. Mobilier et objets d'art. May 16, 2017. Lot 158
    (Danny Katz, Ltd., London, UK, sold to the Cleveland Museum of Art)
    The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
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