Chef Douglas Katz Cooking Demonstration at Provenance


Featured Recipes

We have gathered a collection of featured recipes from Chef Partner Douglas Katz of Provenance for you to try at home.

Provenance at CMA Chef Partner Douglas Katz shares his grandmother's challah stuffing recipe that you can impress your family and friends with on holidays. Enjoy!


A recipe from Chef Doug Katz for Red Onion Vinaigrette and Peach Salad.

A Jalebi recipe from Chef Doug Katz.

Indian cuisine recipes from Chef Doug Katz.

Recipes for Mango Lassi and Lemon Ginger Chill from Chef Doug Katz.

Try this recipe for a zesty and refreshing summer breakfast.

Cook up some fall flavors with this special apple crisp recipe from Chef Douglas Katz, the creative mind behind the menus at the museum's Provenance, Provenance Café, and Catering by Provenance.