ArtLens App: Your Guide to Stories from Storage


Stories from Storage Guide

Explore the Stories from Storage exhibition with the ArtLens App. Hear from every curator and see every object in the exhibition with your pocket guide to the show.  Stories from Storage is open through Sunday, May 16, 2021. 

Get the App

  • The ArtLens App is available to download via the App Store for iPhone and iPad and is available via the Google Play Store for Android devices.
  • If you’ve already downloaded the app, make sure it is recently updated by checking in your app store. 
  • Be sure to allow location, enable Bluetooth, photo saving, and connect to the ArtLens WiFi network (available at the museum) to enjoy all of the app’s features.



Locate the Guide

Open the ArtLens App on your device. A pop-up will appear on the home screen after the app loads to take you directly to the guide by tapping "Take Me There." If you close it by mistake, or want to come back after exploring the permanent collection, follow the steps below to get to the guide: 

  • In the home menu tap “Galleries” to view the map. 
  • Locate the Lower Level by tapping the bottom right corner and selecting “LL.”
  • Please note: wayfinding on the Lower Level is disabled at this time. 

Graphic highlighting bulleted instructions above

Graphic highlighting bulleted instructions

Take the Tour

  • Tap the map area to see every section of the exhibition.
  • Tap the pin labeled “start” to begin in order, or tap the title in each section to hear an introduction from the curator, and see every artwork on view in that section. 
  • Swipe to go between each story; each is titled and labeled with a corresponding number that matches your stop. 
  • At each stop, scroll down to see artworks, and tap to learn more about each work. 

Graphic highlighting bulleted instructions above

Questions about the app? Write to artlens [at] for technical assistance. 

ArtLens App: Your Guide to Stories from Storage