April 2009

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Published: April 1, 2009

Not So Still Life

Sue Schieman Assistant Director, Public Affairs

If not for a fine arts elective requirement, Mark Schwartz’s closet might be filled with tailored suits and crisp white shirts instead of his signature black tees and slacks. One serendipitous decision can change the course of a life, and in Schwartz’s...

Powerful Forces

Constantine Petridis Curator of African Art

Art and Power in the Central African Savanna comprises a selection of mainly figurative carvings in wood from the Songye, Luba, Luluwa, and Chokwe peoples in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjacent Angola. The exhibition and its catalo...

Sensation Without Representation

Basil Twist Puppet Master

The acclaimed puppet theater artist Basil Twist is the only American ever to attend the prestigious École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette in Charleville-Mezieres, France. From April 30 to May 3, Twist brings his most recent piece, Dogugaeshi, to the Brooks Th...