Open Access FAQs

Many works in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s (CMA) collection are dedicated to the Public Domain with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) for Open Access. Significant portions of the data and images belong to the public “for the benefit of all the people, forever” in line with the CMA’s mission to  create transformative experiences through art. You, the “User,” can crop, detail, manipulate, modify, parse, remix, and transform the CMA’s CCO images and data in any way for any purpose—all without prior written permission from or fee paid to the CMA.

Explore the CMA’s collection highlights and use the Collection Online for more than 30,000+ images of Open Access artworks in the Collection Online in both high-resolution JPG and TIF formats. 3D formats include DAE, glTF, OBJ, and STL. Use the Application Programming Interface (API) and GitHub Repository for data for 63,000 records of metadata from the CMA’s collection in the CSV and JSON formats.

Please note: At this time, we are not offering high-resolution TIFF images of detail or alternate views.

Frequently Asked Questions