Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art

Egyptian antiquities were the first works of art acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art in 1913, even before there was a building to house them. Today, the Egyptian collection is internationally recognized as one of the finest of its kind. Its reputation stems from the high number of masterpieces and overall high aesthetic quality and sophistication relative to its small size. All periods of Egyptian art are represented. Its greatest strengths are sculptures and reliefs from the reign of Amenhotep III and the Late and Greco-Roman periods, as well as decorative art, including cosmetic objects, stone vessels, and some of the finest Ptolemaic period faience in existence. Although smaller in number, the Ancient Near Eastern collection also includes several masterworks, ranging from a small, exquisite marble “Stargazer” figurine to a monumental Assyrian relief sculpture and several silver-gilt Sasanian vessels.

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