Thursday May 3, 2018
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The Cleveland Museum of Art Presents Solstice 2018

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Member tickets on sale Monday, May 14; if available, public tickets on sale Tuesday, May 15


Cleveland, OH (May 3, 2018) — The Cleveland Museum of Art’s signature summer event, Solstice, celebrates its tenth year on Saturday, June 23, from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Members receive exclusive access to discounted presale tickets beginning Monday, May 14, at 9:00 a.m. The presale continues until tickets have sold out or at 5:00 p.m. that day. If available, tickets for the public go on sale Tuesday, May 15, at 9:00 a.m. Member tickets are $75; public tickets are $90. Become a member for a first chance to reserve your presale tickets. Tickets are available online at or by phone at 216-421-7350.  

Artist Lineup 

Moroccan-born Hatim Belyamani (aka HAT) makes music based on filming and remixing the sounds and images of his home country’s Arabic, Amazigh, and sub-Saharan African origins. In 2012 he founded remix ←→ culture, an international collective celebrating musical traditions in harmony with digital remix art. The collective identifies a country’s various musical traditions, which it then records, films, produces, releases and remixes. Since 2015, HAT has performed live remixes of videos shot by the collective at various festivals and venues throughout the world, including at Roskilde Festival and Lincoln Center.

Hello Psychaleppo
Hailing from one of the most mystical and musically rich cities in the Levant, Hello Psychaleppo is deeply rooted in the traditions of oriental music. Hello Psychaleppo is the brainchild of the young Syrian music producer Samer Saem Eldahr. He uses melodies of the Arab Bedouin “Mawwals” and the ecstatic strains of tarab, and threads them through convoluted, industrial structures made from dubstep, drum and bass, electro, and trip-hop. He creates a journey away from boundaries of style prompting listeners to let go and experience a new dimension of visual and sonic blends.

LADAMA is a group of four women from across the Americas (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, USA) who celebrate cross-cultural, Pan-American collaboration. South American and Caribbean rhythms such as cumbia, coco, maracatu, onda nueva and joropo run like currents through pop and soul-infused songs performed in Spanish, English and Portuguese—modern, soulful and vibrant.

Yemen Blues
Ravid Kahalani’s Yemen Blues brings a polyglot mix of music from Yemen and West Africa, with inspirations of contemporary grooves, from funk to mambo, and the deep soul of old chants, which coexist in both the past and present, at once timeless and modern. Yemen Blues was founded in 2010 by Ravid, a then rising star in Israel who grew up in a traditional Yemenite family. He learned the language and the traditional chants of his origin, and then extended them into the areas of blues as well North and West African soul.

Sxip Shirey
Sxip Shirey specializes in populist music that is often used for circus, dance and theater. He has released seven albums and has toured internationally. Recognized by press worldwide, he is known for innovative instrumentation and object-oriented compositions, which he often performs and presents to audiences with stories, dialogue and delight. 

Miho Hatori’s New Optimism
A singer, musician and artist, Miho Hatori is primarily known as the vocalist of the legendary NYC group Cibo Matto. New Optimism is her attitude toward the shape of a music project, a borderless, genre-less creation with experimental dance music. The name New Optimism was inspired by the post-postmodernism term New Sincerity (irony), the artist having wanted something that was the opposite. She contributed to the first Gorillaz album, as well as to songs with the Beastie Boys. 

Pierre Kwenders
Afro-Canadian singer-songwriter Pierre Kwenders creates music as a response to a world that so often asks people who fit comfortably in multiple boxes to pick only one. Born in Kinshasa, Kwenders draws on his wide-ranging experience to make personal music with multiple points of entry, rather than paring it down to fit recognizable genres. He sings and raps in five languages, and his music ranges from icy R & B to futuristic hip-hop that is rooted in Congolese rumba, the ubiquitous sound of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Undervolt & Co.
Curated by Yoshi Sodeoka, Undervolt & Co. is an internet-based collective involved in the circulation of time-based art across varied presentational formats. Founded in 2013, the group has widely exhibited its work, often taking the form of installations, screenings, performances, workshops and ongoing online projects. With an emphasis on the immediacy of image and sound, as well as the mutability of technologies, Undervolt & Co. has cultivated a close-knit network of international artists earnestly challenging the possibilities of their medium.

*Members are limited to two member-priced tickets and two public tickets. 

Solstice is sponsored by:

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