ArtLens AI

With ArtLens AI, instead of life imitating art, art imitates your life. 

As we continue to do our part to combat the spread of Covid-19, we think we all need a moment of levity and joy - art can bring that. ArtLens AI is the latest in a suite of digital toolsets created by the museum duing the pandemic, which consider what people need as we continue to work from home and begin a new school year. Going beyond traditional museum resources, ArtLens AI: Share Your View for is a fun way to bring art into your daily life, and an easy way to deep dive into the museum's collection resources. ArtLens AI follows in the footsteps of the museum's previous digital endeavors, including the CMA's Open Access Initiative and the ARTLENS Gallery, and continues the museum's history of collaboration with creative partners. 

How does it work? 

ArtLensAI: Share Your View is a reverse image search tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match your images to artwork from the Cleveland Museum of Art's collection. ArtLens AI recognizes the shapes, colors, and patterns in the images you upload to find suprising and delighting matches. 

Simply upload an image from your device and watch as ArtLens AI pulls the closest matching artworks from the CMA's Open Access Collection. See visual simlarities between artwork from a collection that spans centuries and a photo you snapped from you window. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Are you excited about your results? Share your match to social media, or to CMA's Gallery. Found an interesting artwork? You can click on the artwork's title to learn more about your match on CMA's collection online. 

On Twitter:

On Twitter, attach a photo or image to your tweet and mention @ArtLensAI to share your view. CMA's ArtLensAI Twitter bot will automatically reply with a matching artwork from CMA's collection!

Questions or comments? Reach out to us at ArtLensAI [at] clevelandart.org