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Board of Trustees

A diverse group of local and national figures helps guide the Cleveland Museum of Art in support of our mission. Members are elected to these positions in accordance with the museum’s charter and play an integral role in the life of the museum. More than just supporters of the museum, our trustees are community leaders with vested interest in and commitment to the continued growth of the arts in Northeast Ohio.

Standing Trustees

Stephen W. Bailey
Virginia N. Barbato
Frederick E. Bidwell
Leigh H. Carter
Rev. Dr. Jawanza K. Colvin
Sarah S. Cutler
Helen Forbes Fields
Lauren Rich Fine
Christopher Gorman
Agnes Gund
Rebecca Heller
Edward Hemmelgarn
Michelle Jeschelnig
Nancy F. Keithley
Douglas Kern
R. Steven Kestner
William Litzler
Milton Maltz
Ellen Stirn Mavec
Scott C. Mueller
Stephen E. Myers
Sarah Nash
Katherine Templeton O’Neill
Jon H. Outcalt
Dominic L. Ozanne
Julia Pollock
Peter E. Raskind
James A. Ratner
John Sauerland
Manisha Sethi
Kashim Skeete
Richard P. Stovsky
Felton Thomas
Daniel P. Walsh Jr.
John Walton
Paul E. Westlake
Loyal W. Wilson


Ellen Stirn Mavec, Chair
Dr. William M. Griswold, President, Director, and CEO
Virginia N. Barbato, Vice Chair
James A. Ratner, Vice Chair
Michelle Jeschelnig, Secretary
Annapurna Valluri, Treasurer
Russell Klimczuk, Assistant Treasurer
Stephen J. Knerly Jr., Assistant Secretary

Emeritus Leadership

James T. Bartlett, Chair Emeritus
Michael J. Horvitz, Chair Emeritus
Alfred M. Rankin Jr., Chair Emeritus

Trustees Emeriti

James T. Bartlett
James S. Berkman
Charles P. Bolton
Terrance C. Z. Egger
Robert W. Gillespie
Michael J. Horvitz
Susan Kaesgen
Robert M. Kaye
Alex Machaskee
William P. Madar
S. Sterling McMillan III
Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr.
William R. Robertson
Elliott L. Schlang
David M. Schneider
Eugene Stevens

Life Trustees

Jon A. Lindseth
Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin
Donna S. Reid

Honorary Trustees

Helen Collis
Sally Gries
Joseph P. Keithley
Curtin G. Kelley
Cathy Lincoln
Robert Madison
Tamar Maltz
Henry Ott-Hansen
Harriet Warm
Marc Wilson
Iris Wolstein


Updated January 2024