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Photo: MarinMtk via iStock

The Cleveland Museum of Art Staff Art Show

Friday, May 31–Sunday, June 16, 2019
Location: Transformer Station

About The Exhibition

The Cleveland Museum of Art is proud to present its staff’s creativity and artistic abilities in this exhibition. When you visit the museum, you come across only a fraction of its more than 450 employees, a number of whom are practicing artists. This exhibition features more than 70 works by staff members who collectively represent a cross-section of the museum’s broad range of departments and professions. For the exhibition, staff were invited to submit one work of art; together they reflect a diversity of approach and technique while showcasing a range of media, including but not limited to design, drawing, painting, performance, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

Much like so many of those who live and work in our community, CMA staff members are moved by the museum’s world-class collection each day. We invite you to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art to encounter the artworks that continue to engage and inspire.


Works By
Kaylene Abernathy
Claire Appelmans
Arthur Beukemann
David Brichford
Janice Brown
David Brunner
Philip Brutz
Mike Budyka
Anthony H. Cisneros
Deanne Conley
Clare Conway
Alexis Cuevas
Dexter Davis
Kathryn Dike
Greg Donley
Terri Eggleston
Jim Engelmann
Stephen Fixx
Edward Frierson
Arcelia Gandarilla
Natalie Grieshammer
Toby Griffiths
Haylie Hager
Kurt Hallsman
Dyane Hronek Hanslik
Charlee D. Harris
Ben Hauser
Richard Hearn
Howard Hersch
Dontae Hill
Jessica Hubbard
Shawn Kerns
Per Knutås
Andrea Lombardo
Jordan McCann
James McNamara
Rachel McPherson
Bev Miller
Laura Naples
Joan Neubecker
Giselle M. Ortiz
Maxmillian Peralta
David Piurek
Robin Presley
James Evans Remick II
Rhonda Riggins
Cathalyn Roberts
Anthony Valentino Robinson
Andrew Robison
Dante Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez
Simone Sarsfield
Heather Saunders
Julie Schabel
Maurice Sherman
Jack Sherry
Laura Siegfried
Nick Spolarich
Heidi Strean
Cal Stretar
Adrian Stupica
Jessica Stuver
Davidd Sudberry
Grace Summanen
Hannah Thome
Johanna Tomsick
Susie Underwood
Robin VanLear
Jeff Vano
Alexandra Vistein
Clarissa von Spee
James Waite
Achala Wali
Constance Williams
Jasmine Williams
Dean Yoder