Indigenous Peoples and Land Acknowledgment

The Cleveland Museum of Art acknowledges the many Indigenous peoples who have been dispossessed from this region, some of them named below. For millennia they occupied, traversed, lived from, and cared for land and waterways in Ohio—indeed, the state’s name derives from Ohi:yó, an Onöndowa’ga:’ (Seneca) term meaning “beautiful river.” Today Native Americans of diverse ancestries and tribal affiliations continue to reside in Northeast Ohio, sustaining their heritages, beliefs, and practices and making contributions to the region’s life and vitality. With this statement, we affirm our commitment to creating respectful, enduring, collaborative relationships with them and with the Native artists and communities represented by works in our collection, which embody knowledge and traditions passed down through generations. We make this pledge with the aim of including Natives’ perspectives and enhancing Natives’ experiences in our galleries, exhibition halls, program spaces, and offices.

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