Virtual Learning Topics

Connect with the CMA collection through live, interactive video sessions with a CMA educator. Explore artworks through discussion, writing, drawing, and movement.

Lessons are designed for grades pre-K–12 and are designed to support standards.

General Virtual Learning topics: $30 per session. Scholarships are available upon request.
Special Request topics: $130 per session.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Students take responsibility for their own learning by working with a CMA educator to determine their tour path. Wherever the path may lead, students use visual literacy to “read” a work of art. No two classes navigate this topic the same way!
In this experience, students may feel empowered to do the following:  

  • Determine which artworks we engage with during the lesson
  • Make collaborative decisions to drive learning with increased independence
  • Make choices about strategies used to engage with artworks

Creativity and Problem-Solving

Explore ways artists have experimented and solved problems throughout time. Through design and play-based activities, practice using creativity to solve problems of your own. 
In this experience, students may feel empowered to do the following:  

  • Use creative thinking to imagine alternate possibilities in artworks
  • Generate multiple ideas and solutions to a problem
  • Test out and evaluate solutions

Expressing Ideas

Discover how artists communicate ideas through their art in order to consider ways to express your own ideas.
In this experience, students may feel empowered to do the following:  

  • Differentiate between verbal, visual, and other forms of communication
  • Extract and evaluate information about a culture or time period from a work of art
  • Communicate their own ideas or opinions about works of art

Historic Connections

Use artworks from many time periods and places as primary sources and relate discoveries to your own lives. 
In this experience, students may feel empowered to do the following:  

  • Examine, interpret, and critique artworks as primary sources
  • Compare objects across geographic location, culture, and time
  • Evaluate multiple opinions and viewpoints about artworks and historical events to acknowledge that people have a variety of perspectives on the world

Look and Discover

Explore the museum’s collection through this general introductory experience designed to examine artworks from many time periods and cultures.
In this experience, students may feel empowered to do the following:

  • Become familiar with the spaces and artworks at the CMA
  • Make observations and develop their own interpretations of artworks
  • Compare and contrast artworks across many time periods, cultures, and media

Play and Experimentation

Explore the collection by engaging in intentional and purposeful play. This topic allows students to pursue their questions and make discoveries through games, movements, and prompts that turn on the imagination.  

In this experience, students may feel empowered to do the following:  

  • Engage in elaborative play in order to build creativity
  • Engage in and reflect on a process of collaborative learning
  • Experiment with different ways to respond to works of art

Social-Emotional Learning through Art

Explore ways art can support students’ social-emotional learning. Sessions may cover the themes below and can be booked as a series. 
Self-Awareness: Identify emotions and consider how the outside world impacts emotions we feel.

Self-Management: Discover artful thinking strategies that help students process their emotions. Students practice slow looking and coping techniques while viewing works of art.  

Social Awareness: Investigate a variety of cultures and perspectives and consider what we can learn from others. 


Do you have a specialized theme or deep-dive topic you’d like to explore with your students? Register for a custom digital learning experience. (Please note: custom topics require at least four weeks’ notice and are fee based.)  

Topics may include former “deep dive” DL lessons such as the following:  

  • Ancient American Art
  • Art of Adornment 
  • Egyptomania
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Impressionism
  • Medieval Art
  • Spanish Art 

To discuss additional options, please contact virtuallearning [at] clevelandart.org