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Published: March 1, 2024

In this issue of the members magazine: Africa & Byzantium; Barbara Bosworth; Fairy Tales and Fables; André Kim; Into the Seven Jeweled Mountain; Exhibitions Schedule and Calendar; From Venice to Cleveland; The Conversation Piece; Chamber Music at the Museum; Looking to the Future; Remembering Toby Lewis; The Nord Network; Fellowship through Art

Magazine cover featuring a portrait of a woman wearing a gold wreath earrings and necklace painted on wood

Africa & Byzantium

It’s 110 degrees, and I’m riding a camel through the Egyptian desert. In just minutes, the land had swiftly transitioned from the Nile River’s lush green banks into a tan sandscape. As I rode on, the dunes revealed the stone mass of a 10th-century Coptic Orthodox monastery. The heat and bumpy journe...

Saint Simeon’s Monastery Curator Kristen Windmuller-Luna (right) and predoctoral fellow Helina Gebremedhen at the 10th-century Coptic Orthodox site, June 2023

Barbara Bosworth

Day will become night in Cleveland on the afternoon of Monday, April 8. Imagine how terrifying this rupture in the fabric of everyday reality would be if you did not know that the sudden darkness was due to a total solar eclipse. As we go about our daily lives, our minds consumed by human affairs, r...

Fairy Tales and Fables

Fairy Tales and Fables: Illustration and Storytelling in Art explores the history of book illustration through rarely seen works on paper from the museum’s collection and local libraries. On view are images by pioneers such as Arthur Rackham, who helped shape fantasy illustration as we know it today...

André Kim

A legendary trailblazer developed an eclectic style by incorporating features of traditional Korean clothing into global fashions to narrate the transformative story of Korean fashion.

King Yeongjo (영조) (1694–1776) Portrait, 1900. Chae Yong-shin (Korean, 1850–1941) and Jo Seok-jin (Korean, 1853–1920). Color on silk; 110.5 x 61.8 cm. The National Palace Museum of Korea. Changdeok 6363

Into the Seven Jeweled Mountain

Located in the northeast of the Korean peninsula, the Seven Jeweled Mountain (칠보산, in Korean) was one of the most coveted destinations among adventurous scholars and devoted Buddhist pilgrims during the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910). Designated in 2014 as one of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves, the mountai...

Digital renderings courtesy of Technology Research Institute for Culture & Heritage

From Venice to Cleveland

This spring, the Cleveland Museum of Art will participate for the first time in the 60th International Art Exhibition–La Biennale di Venezia, the foremost international contemporary art festival. The CMA is co-organizing, in collaboration with the Cincinnati Art Museum, a survey of Pakistani America...

Shahzia Sikander in front of her animation Reckoning, as part of Times Square’s Midnight Moment, September 2023. Photo: Vincent Tullo

The Conversation Piece

It’s tempting to imagine that former CMA director William Milliken coveted Johann Zoffany’s The Dutton Family in the Drawing Room of Sherborne Park, Gloucestershire when he surely saw it at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, where it was among the works for sale in the Century of Progress exhibition. Bu...

Looking to the Future

In the CMA’s Year in Review for 1970, director Sherman E. Lee commented on the extensive renovation to the north entrance: “The new wing by Marcel Breuer and Hamilton Smith is not only a beautiful, powerful, and rational architectural statement, but it is also a creative part of the main line of pro...

Rendering of the Horace Kelley Art Foundation North Lobby with updated lighting, flooring, signage, and coat check 

Chamber Music at the Museum

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s two chamber music series make the galleries and the Ames Family Atrium come alive through concerts highlighting the extraordinary wealth of talent around University Circle and beyond. From string quartets to keyboardists to unexpected small ensembles, rising stars and f...

Remembering Toby Lewis

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection of contemporary art, which comprises works made after 1960 to the present day, features artists who represent the expansive range of perspectives, backgrounds, and identities that reflect and illuminate the world in which we live. The contemporary collection...

Toby Devan Lewis with Josie Anderson (left) and Marianne Bernadotte (right)

The Nord Network

As a global leader among museums, a community anchor, and a beacon for the visual arts, the CMA is dedicated to encouraging and supporting individuals from all backgrounds to pursue careers in the museum field. To further that objective, the CMA has partnered with the Eric and Jane Nord Family Fund...

Kobe Saunders, Nord Network Fellow at the Community Arts Center, works on the school visitation program, strengthening relationships with administrators and teachers.

Fellowship through Art

This past October, director William M. Griswold led 20 trustees and CMA supporters on a 10-day journey through central Italy. We traced the development of Italian art from the medieval era to the Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque periods, with particular emphasis on major artists in the CMA’s coll...

Piazza del Campo, Siena