Cleveland Art, March/April 2012

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Published: March 1, 2012

Articles in this issue: Mapping Rembrandt; The Flower Collection; Acquisitions; Performance; Film; Talks; Studios.

A painting of a bust of a young man in somber tones with a moustache, pointy beard, wearing a black beret, fur coat, white collar. Titled Self-Portrait with Shaded Eyes, by Rembrandt van Rijn on the cover of the magazine

Mapping Rembrandt

Light Fantastic Museum photographer Howard Agriesti worked with paintings conservators to shoot the exact same portion of the painting in three conditions of visible light: “normal” natural light, raking light (light source at an oblique angle to show surface texture), and specular light (light sour...

A Shared Passion

Stanislaw J. Czuma Curator Emeritus

Maxeen and John Flower were passionate collectors. Maxeen, who graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art, was an accomplished painter and photographer with a great affinity for art; John, a musician, was equally receptive to the visual arts. Together they assem...

Acquisitions 2011

C. Griffith Mann Chief Curator and Deputy Director 

Amy Bracken Sparks Assistant Editor, Curatorial Publications

In 2009, in hopes of demystifying the process of how an artwork enters the Cleveland Museum of Art’s permanent collection, we published the first of three articles about how objects are vet...