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Visitors at ArtLens Exhibit

ArtLens Exhibition

Dive deeper, look closer, and engage with masterworks of art—intertwined with barrier-free interactives!

About The Exhibition

ArtLens Exhibition is an experiential gallery that puts you—the viewer—into conversation with masterpieces of art, encouraging engagement on a personal, emotional level. ArtLens Exhibition features a collection of 20 masterworks of art that will rotate every 18 months to provide new, fresh experiences for repeat visitors.The art selection and barrier-free digital interactives inspire you to approach the museum’s collection with greater curiosity, confidence, and understanding. Transitioning away from touchscreen technology, ArtLens Exhibition interactives use gesture-sensing projections that respond seamlessly to body movement and facial recognition as you approach, immersing you in the experience. There are 16 innovative games, centered on the following themes: Composition, Symbols, Gesture + Emotion, and Purpose. Each artwork in ArtLens Exhibition has two corresponding games in different themes, allowing you to dive deeper into understanding the object. ArtLens Exhibition opened to the public at the Solstice Party in June 2017.
In June 2019 ArtLens Exhibition reopened with a new display of 21 artworks from across the collection – from medieval to decorative arts to contemporary.

New features include:

  • Exploration of 3D artworks using photogrammetry, allowing you to zoom and manipulate gesture-based 3D projected models to see all angles of an artwork.
  • All artworks, including 3D objects, in the space are scannable using the “Scan” feature in the ArtLens App, allowing you to access even more interpretive content.
  • All artworks are centered on the theme “What Can Art Be?”, providing multiple entry points into thinking about and engaging with a diverse group of art objects.
  • The digital Beacon has been updated with a new video that showcases even more visitor-generated content from the ArtLens Exhibition games and introduces the over-arching theme, "What can art be?" to visitors

ArtLens Exhibition Artworks and Theme

Articulating a theme, or a framework that would shape the way we interpreted and presented the objects, was important for this installation. The broad question “What can art be?” provided us with multiple entry points into thinking about and engaging with such a diverse group of objects. In the exhibition we provide one answer, but because we believe there is more than one way to understand a work of art, we encourage visitors to consider their own reactions and ideas.
One unique aspect about ArtLens Exhibition is that it provides an opportunity to look at and consider connections across time and place. Each installation can create a dialogue among the artworks and the digital interactives.

ArtLens Exhibition Audience and Goals

The ArtLens Exhibition welcomes non-traditional museum visitors by reducing the intimidation of the art museum and providing visitors the toolsets to look closer, dive deeper, and begin a relationship with the collection. Frequent museum visitors return again and again to ArtLens Exhibition to see and explore CMA's collection in a new way.

ArtLens Exhibition Artwork

ArtLens Exhibition is an experiential gallery that provides the opportunity to explore masterpieces of art, including works by Edmonia Lewis and Hans Steinbach, through immersive play.

Learn More About the Gallery

    ArtLens App

    Turn your smartphone into a pocket guide to the CMA with the ArtLens App. Use it as a companion within the museum, or as a way to explore and create from home. The app is a resource before, during, and after a visit to the museum, or for anywhere you are.

    ArtLens App


    ARTLENS is funded by the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.