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The Cleveland Museum of Art announced on January 23, 2019, that it is an Open Access institution, using the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) designation for high-resolution images and data as related to its collection. At the Cleveland Museum of Art, Open Access means the public now has the ability to  share, collaborate, remix, and reuse images of many as 30,000 public- domain artworks from the CMA’s world-renowned collection of art for commercial and non-commercial purposes. In addition, portions of collections information (metadata) for more than 61,000 artworks, both in the public domain and those works with copyright or other restrictions, works are now available. 

Read more about the CMA’s initiative in the news:


Learn more about how the CMA's local, national, and international partners are already using and magnifying public domain artworks in the collection:


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For users interested in downloading images directly from Collection Online:
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Winner: Best Community Collaboration and Innovation, Open Access Initiative 

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Finalist: Behind the Scenes, Open Access Initiative

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Bronze: Research and Innovation, Open Access Initiative

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Finalist: Cross-Institutiuon Partnership, Launching Open Access: Toolsets and Protocols for Best Practice

Watch the livestream announcement of Open Access from January 23, 2019:


Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for details on Open Access at the Cleveland Museum of Art. For more information, read the press release and blogpost, and watch the video of the launch event.  

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