AI Tools Overview

The concept of generative AI tools is continually evolving. As one of the top comprehensive art museums in the nation, the CMA is committed to supporting artists and protecting their rights. 

Extend the Art

On the right, find an open access artwork from our collection that sparks your creativity. Take a moment to think about what you imagine could be beyond the frame of that artwork, and then write a prompt in the box on the left that describes your idea. The prompt can be as short or as detailed as you want! Then, our Extend the Art AI takes your prompt and generates an image. If you want to continue playing with that artwork, you can press the “Regenerate” button, you can try a new prompt, or you can explore a new artwork. 

An example of the Extend the Art AI tool

If you notice something objectionable that a user generated with this AI tool, please flag that artwork by clicking “Expand View” and then “Flag This Image,” or reach out to us at

Extend the Art was created in collaboration with Design I/O.