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At the CMA, we create transformative experiences that make art matter, connecting visitors to our collection through scholarship, innovation, and fun. We invite you to connect online and in person with masterworks of art through our groundbreaking digital tools, including our ArtLens AI, Open Access collection, and photogrammetry. 

Current Immersive Exhibition

Into the Seven Jeweled Mountain: An Immersive Experience

Journey into the Seven Jeweled Mountain, surrounded by vivid animation inspired by a 19th-century folding screen that illustrates the mountain’s striking scenery.

Explore and Innovate

Discover our collection in a whole new way using our digital tools. The ArtLens App transforms your visit; download it before arriving, plan your visit, and create or browse tours. While visiting, use the interactive map to navigate the museum, and keep track of your favorite artworks. In the ArtLens Exhibition, interactives use gesture-sensing projections that respond seamlessly to body movement and facial recognition as you approach, immersing you in the experience. And ArtLens AI goes beyond traditional museum resources as a fun way to bring art into your daily life and an easy way to deep dive into the museum’s collection resources.

A person holding a phone displaying the ArtLens App in front of a work of art

Digital Process: The Story of the Cleveland Krishna

Through two sculptural and four digital galleries, Revealing Krishna transports visitors to the dramatic floodplains of southern Cambodia and tells the life story of the CMA’s monumental sculpture Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhan, spanning 1,500 years and three continents. The exhibition unveils the...

Open Access

The Cleveland Museum of Art is proud to be an Open Access Institution, offering the public the ability to download, share, collaborate, remix, and reuse images and metadata of public-domain artworks from the museum’s collection.

The year 2024 marks the fifth anniversary of the CMA’s Open Access collection. The online collection has been viewed six million times on its website, its API has been downloaded 45 million times, and its collections have been viewed nearly 300 million times on Wikimedia platforms. The CMA’s Open Access initiative has reached millions of users, serving the museum's mission to “create transformative experiences through art for the benefit of all the people forever.”

A visitor interacting with the ArtLens Wall

Measuring Impact

Since 2019, we have been collecting data across multiple platforms to gather insights about how the public interacts with our collection. The Virtual Collection Dashboards share out information about interactions with the CMA artwork via Collection Online, Open Access API, and Wikimedia. 

A graph showing interaction with the CMA’s collection views

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