Cleveland Art, January/February 2011

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Published: January 1, 2011

Articles in this issue:  Artists across East Blvd.; Sir John Ewing; Portrait Miniatures; Interns; Talks; Film; Performance;

Cover: Single Leaf from a Missal: Two Male Saints. Italy, Venice. Tempera on parchment

The Art of Intersection

Kesha Williams Manager of Digital Communications


A survey of the work of three artists—Julian Stanczak, Brent Kee Young, and Judith Salomon—now on view as part of In Honor of the Cleveland Arts Prize offers the opportunity to appreciate the intersection between Cleveland’s leading college of art and...

Vive le Cinéma!

Gregory M. Donley Magazine Staff

The Man Behind the Movies John Ewing checks screen masking in the Morley Lecture Hall before the showing of Kings of Pastry in November.


In 2010, the museum’s associate director of film John Ewing was named a Chevalier (knight) in the prestigious Order of Arts and Let...

Small Wonders

Cory Korkow Paintings Research Fellow

The small but formidable collection of portrait miniatures left to the Cleveland Museum of Art as part of the estate of Muriel Butkin came as a wonderful surprise. No one knew that Muriel or her husband, Noah, had collected miniatures. Discovery of their signific...

The Apprentices

Alicia Hudson Garr Associate Director of Interpretation

Big Miniatures Project Intern Jennifer Hannan (left), a junior at CWRU, works with postdoctoral fellow Cory Korkow researching the museum’s collection of portrait miniatures.


Each spring, summer, and fall, more than a dozen college students and...